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We are a company that specializes in researching hydrogen and educating people of its importance. Through meticulous research and sampling, we have concluded that hydrogen ions are the most versatile and powerful antioxidants known to man. There has been a surge in research studies that point to hydrogen as being the next generation in health and wellness.

Continuous research has revealed the extent of what hydrogen ions can do for our health. One of our products, HydroZen, is the most unique and powerful antioxidant available that we have found through our 15 years experience in the dietary supplement business.

We have decided to put all of our efforts to promote HydroZen and educate the general public about the health benefits of hydrogen ions. As we continue to grow, we will expand on our product line by providing the best hydrogen-related products that have a solid track record to benefit any person who feels his or her health is not at an optimum level, or would like to boost their performance in life.  We gain satisfaction in knowing that each person who comes our way benefits from our experience in the field of wellness and from our international contacts who help us to identify outstanding hydrogen products for you.

Everything we do, we do for your health.
Primonutra, Inc.

17332 Von Karman Ave.
Irvine, CA 92614

Phone: (800)760-0515

We would love to hear from you!

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